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Cardamom which is sporadically notorious commercially even as the cardamon or cardamum is a seasoning forged from the seeds of numerous herbages in the genera Elettaria and Amomum in the family Zingiberaceae which is usually cultivated for its desiccated fruits (capsules). The common genera are native to the Indian subcontinent. Rich Spices & Herbs is the Top Cardamom Exporter in India that exports and supplies the cardamom at any quantum of demand with satisfied quality.

We are the distinctly proficient green cardamom exporters in India. The seeds of cardamom have a warm, faintly pungent, and aromatic flavor tremendously marginally reminiscent of camphor. Cardamom the “queen of spices” is cultivated on great lengths over the region of Western Ghats in South India. The world’s best cardamom comes from South India, where it grows vastly. Abundantly covering the agricultural lands of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka we cultivate the spices and herbs on a vast range.

Momentous to Indian taste buds, cardamom is not only ubiquitous to our land (India) but even to our senses. As an annexure this fragrant spice can reckon veneers of taste to your beverage like tea, food and overall dining experience. Owing to this, there exists huge number of green cardamom suppliers in India. Cardamom, close by with actuality of multi-purpose spice used in curries, breads, rice and liquid preparations, withal begets with it many health benefits.

Nutritional highlights of cardamom:

1. Antioxidant and diuretic chattels that induce degradation of Blood Pressure

2. Might perhaps rich in cancer-fighting compounds

3. Could protect from chronic diseases and induces Anti-Inflammatory effects

4. May help with digestive muddles, including ulcers

5. Might well treat bad breath and prevent cavities

6. May have Antibacterial effects and serve infections

7. Might upgrade breathing and oxygen usage

8. Possibly will lower the Blood Sugar levels

9. Liver protection

10. Linked to the burgeoning of Anxiety

11. Safe for most people and widely available for consumption

12. The ancient Indians resolved a cure for obesity with cardamom essence

Cardamom is the almost second expensive spice in comparison with saffron. It is often defiled and there are many menial stand-ins from cardamom-concomitant herbages, for instance Siam cardamom, Nepal cardamom, winged Java cardamom, and bastard cardamom. However, it is highly Elettaria cardamomum regarded as the true cardamom. The two main varieties of Indian cardamom notorious are: Malabar cardamom and Mysore cardamom. The Mysore heterogeneity subdues towering degrees of cineol and limonene and ergo is spare odoriferous Cardamom comes from the kernels of the ginger-like herbage.

The undersized, brown-black sticky seeds are suppressed in a pod in three double rows with concerning six seeds in each row. The shucks are betwixt 5mm -20 mm [that is (1/4”-3/4”) long], the elephantine vintage notorious as ‘black’, being brown and the smaller being green. White-bleached pods are equally handy. The shucks are roughly triangular in cross section and oval or oblate. Their dehydrated facet is belligerent and furrowed, the huge ‘blacks’ having cavernous wrinkles. The texture of the shuck is that of sturdy paper. Shucks are convenient whole or split and the seeds are sold loose or ground by the green cardamom suppliers in India. It is the elite to procure the whole pods or shucks as ground cardamom at full tilt loses flavor.

We are one of the finest green cardamom exporters in India who are highly concerned about the quality and quantum that gratifies our customers extremely. Our products make you visit us persistently on account of our hygiene products with epic optimum quality at the demanded quantum. Stick with us for the supreme high graded quality cardamom in India.

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