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Which spices are exported from India

India is the land of spices and the glory of Indian spices are notorious throughout the world that has a turnover of about 5 lakh tonnes of spices in fiscal year 2010, which inclined to 11 lakh tonnes in the last fiscal. The spice of India is still hiking the food tastier all over the world, but now at a sky scrapping rate. Indian spice exports have skyrocketed at the rate of 3.5 folds in the past decade.

As it happens India has a fathomless history of spices and the domestic supremacy has been above the quality of spices found anywhere else in the world. India is the country that is ubiquitously notorious as “King of spices” as it is the largest producer and exporter of spices globally to all other countries in the world.

Indian spices are customarily discerned for their flavor and aroma in domestic as well as in the international markets. ISO (International Standards Organization) lists 109 spices globally out of which India produces around 75 spices in its diverse climatic regions. India is one of the colossal producers, consumer and exporter and bulk supplier of spices in the world.

India projects in the cultivation and production of half of the global trading in spices. The oganic spice farming is prominent in India. The major seven Indian spices that contribute a lot overseas are:

  • Black pepper
  • Cardamom
  • Chili
  • Cinnamon
  • Coriander seeds
  • Cumin seeds
  • Turmeric

Among all other spices saffron is the top expensive spice. Secondly, the expensive spice is cardamom nowadays owing to the production rate and global weather conditions for the growth of crops, water scarcity and fertile cultivable lands that induces the growth of the same.

Rich spices & Herbs is the top most whole saleseller and exporter in India. We are the green cardamom, black pepper, tulsi, moringa leaves, moringa oil, moringa seeds, dry ginger, blanched peanuts exporters and suppliers in India. We even are the suppliers and exporters of high grade nutmeg, cloves, star anise, cinnamon, red chili, mace and turmeric.

We focus on the captive farming that induces the production of spices and herbs in a very organic process and manual surveillance at every stage of cultivated crops until they are garnered. The desiccation process of all our products is managed in the hygienic and sanitized spacious place.

We are the pre- eminent finest Exporter and Wholesale seller of Indian Spices, Peanuts and Herbs. We export immense aggregate of products with a wide range of Spices and Herbs. Rich Spices & Herbs is spearheaded by highly endured with people having 20 years of experience in the spice and herbal industry. We proffer the condensed product eccentricity fidelity and the buyer gratification.

                In appellation of desirability described as chili, mint products, spice oils & oleoresins, cumin, turmeric, black pepper, curry powder or paste, cardamom seeds, other spices like Tamarind, Asafoetida, Cassia, and Garlic are the top 10 exported spices and spice products and extracts during the financial year 2019.

Making it the largest producer across India, the fabrication volume of spices betokened to over 940 thousand metric tons in India in the state of Rajasthan in fiscal year 2019. Gujarat follows with Andhra Pradesh that ranks third. In the course of classical antiquity and the middle Ages, Kozhikode was denominated as the “City of Spices” for its bit part as the crucial trading point of Eastern spices. Ergo as we are in the neighborhood of to the place, we can supply as much as spices you need at flawless quality.

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