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At present, India is the tremendously hiking fabricator of Groundnut herbages. They are planted during the early spring. The peanut grows majestically in calcium rich sandy farm lands. The extreme etymology of primal matter is the Groundnut kernel leguminous herbages that are rapidly cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical regions. This hikes the number of peanuts suppliers in India. They are also globally discerned as earthnuts, and goobers.

We, the Rich Spices & Herbs encounter captive farming and thence we are the enormous wholesale blanched and roasted peanuts suppliers and peanut exporter in India.

The peanuts are garnered with a solid and strong outer carapace. Now, a blanched peanut is the one with the teguments being removed. The blanching process is done for export with hygiene and by putting the peanuts in machinery to rub off their skins. Peanut blanching takes away or pulls out the thin reddish-brown skin, which covers the peanut before you take it out of its shell. Blanching delineates the commencement of peanut refinement for further consumption, detaching the peanut’s red teguments, which can be considered as a peel off.

People manipulate blanched raw peanuts as a happy snack or as the supreme raw source for peanut butter and sauces. We can into the bargain roast the nuts next to blanching to expel out their nutty flavor. Peanuts are customarily utilized in Indian, Western and Eastern cuisines. They set forth a nutty flavor to the food and enhance aroma and taste.

In India, there is also a supply of raw as well as the salted peanuts as per the requirement of buyers and clients. The peanuts are dark or slight fine pink in color and are immensely utilized in the oil manufacturing industries, medical industries and food industries. We supply extensively whole bold variety of groundnut that has a running type of count.

To experience the maximum length of storage, protect your peanuts in a freezer with immense care, putting them at or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degree in Celsius). In this temperature state, peanuts will stay fresh for up to a year.

We are the peanut exporter in India who exports Peanut to different industries as featured:

  • Oil fabricating industry
  • Medical processing industry
  • Foodservice industry

Rich Spices & Herbs is the blanched peanuts suppliers in India and abroad. We export interior and exterior India of all sizes of blanched peanut as per customer’s compliance. Our blanched peanuts are of supreme quality and utilized vastly for manufacturing edible peanut oil that lowers cholesterol and prevents heart disease and cancer, and in preparation of peanut butter etc. The peanuts are packed with hygiene in a sanitized environment to ensure long shelf-life. We are the pre-eminent peanut kernel suppliers as we have a rich team of selected and proficient sourcing delegates.

The peanut kernels that we export are garden freshly purchased from the reliable farmers where we encounter captive farming. We trade the peanut kernels in custom cartons for wholesale or in compliance with whatever the demand of buyers. The packaging is takes place under proper hygienic and clean areas. This ensures the complete gratification of our happy clients. We make us busy in exporting the premier quality spice products, herbs and blanched peanuts to our clients under any circumstance and irrespective of their whereabouts. Paradoxically, we are again engaged in perfect delivery of all our orders in the range of imposed time frame.

Our locale of farm lands and climatic conditions are our best boon to make our customers a happy client with highly qualified products and timed delivery. Get to us for the top branded blanched peanuts at any quantum.

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