Cardamom is the spice that commences from the seeds of multifarious plants belonging to the genera Elettaria and Amomum in the family Zingiberaceae, mostly known by the names cardamon or cardamum. Both of these generae are indigenous to the Indian subcontinent and Indonesia. Cardamom is the desiccated seed pod of an herbaceous perennial plant in the ginger family and is purely native to India, Bhutan, and Nepal.

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               Cardamom is one of the very antediluvian spices in the world. It is endemic to the forests of the Western Ghats in southern India, where it grows wild. Cardamom is a spice with an intense, marginally sweet flavor that’s why some people collate the flavor of cardamom to mint. Cardamom has been engendered in India but is available worldwide at present and exploited in both sweet and savory recipes. The seeds, oils, and extracts of cardamom are known to have breathtaking medicinal properties and have been used in traditional medicine for centuries.

           Cardamom, Elettaria cardamomum, is called the Queen of Spices because of its many uses as a medicine and as a flavoring in food and drink. It is a pivotal ingredient in Indian cooking and Scandinavian baking. Cardamom is considered as the third most expensive spice in the world. The exotic spice-Cardamom has an intoxicating, high aroma with intricate flavors of sweet floral notes, camphor, lemon, mint, and a hint of pepper. Both whole cardamom and ground cardamom are widely used in Indian cuisine and with good intension.

             India is the massive producer of cardamom in the world. In this day and age, it is widely cultivated in some other countries, such as Guatemala, Malaysia, and Tanzania. Cardamom is grown enormously near thick forests, providing natural shade from strong sunlight, on high altitude areas, with loamy soil rich in humus and good rainfall areas.

Green cardamom:

             Green cardamom (Small Cardamom) is an aromatic spice with a very wide range of uses. The cardamom plant has underground stems with leafy roots, large white or pale green leaves, pale green fruits, and black seeds. The produced spice has a very warm aroma and pungent taste which it can withhold for a very long time. Rather than using the entire pod as a flavoring, its black seeds powdered and used. The outer covering is also used for other edible items. It is a very ancient spice that is cultivated in India over centuries due to its Ayurvedic uses.

           The outer covering can lend a unique flavor to beverages like tea if adjoined along with tea leaves, and sometimes with coffee as well. It is also one of the indispensable spices added to the Garam masala mix and curry powder mix. The production of Betel leaf is seminally done with the help of green cardamom.

           Various dishes like pulao,kheer, Phirni, curries, biryanis, kebabs, and other hot dishes are infused with its aroma. Cardamom is widely used in various fields and products like medicines, spices, and perfumes and also as a flavoring as it gives a fiery pungency to all alcohols.


                 As per the Cardamom Grading and Marketing Rules brought in 1962, it is postulated that there are 34 different Grades of Cardamom, and the first five to six Grades are generally known as Exportable Grades, as these grades are having good overseas markets. These varieties are: 

  1. AGEB 
  2. AGS 
  3. AGS-2
  4. AGB
  5. AGB-l 
  6. BL-2

The most significant original and influential grades of Cardamom in the trade are:

  • Greens (Green pods, artificially dried in kilns or hot rooms or, curing chambers).
  • Sun-dried pods (light-colored, dried in the Sun), Decorticated (Hulled seeds).
  • Bleached (pods that have been chemically bleached by fuming with burning Sulphur or Hydrogen peroxide – this type has become less important in recent years). 

Among all of the other varieties of cardamom, Green and sun-dried pods account for 85 percent of the world export market in cardamom, Seeds for about 10 percent, and Bleached for the balance.


             Proper packaging helps to retain the quality and mostly the admirable green color of cardamom. Different types of packing are adopted for domestic markets and export among cardamom exporters. For export to different regions, different packing systems are adopted for the Middle East Countries, Japan, Russia, and European countries, with slight variations from one exporter to another and according to the requirements of importers in every country.

                The packaging is usually done in gunny bags and wooden cases. The black polythene-lined gunny bags were made into ‘Moodas’ by stitching them in such a way as to make them similar to drum-like structures. The mooda packing is also covered outside with stencil gunny and coated with tar as a measure of protection from light and pilferage. As exposure to direct sunlight diminishes the quality of green cardamom, it is packed with intensive care.

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