Gloriosa Superba

Gloriosa superba:

Gloriosa superba is the only vintage in this genre belong to autumn-crocus family that is Colchicaceae. Gloriosa superba is a ceaseless, routinely climbing, plant yielding sparsely-branched, annual stems from a subterranean tuber. The shoots are naturally up to 3 meters long, nonetheless every so often to 6 meters they can be bold upright, or they can clamber into circumambient verdure where they tether themselves by means of tendrils at the terminations of the leaves. Gloriosa superba blossom is adjudged as the national flower of Zimbabwe and the state flower of Tamil Nadu. Gloriosa superba leaves are utilized globally.

Gloriosa superba export from India is encountered on high grade. Rich Spices & Herbs is one of the extensive gloriosa superba exporters in India. Albeit very noxious, the herbage is oft an integral part in traditional medication in both Africa and Asia. It is flourished commercially as a provenience of colchicine, which has various analeptic and other wields. An enormous bewitching herb valued especially for its flowers is often utilized as an ornamental plant in the garden, and as a pot plant, and is grown for the cut flower peddles.

Blossoms bear resemblance to in axillary, solitary or subcorymbose and color of orange and scarlet to crimson. The season of blooming is from October-November annually. The fruit is an oblong-ellipsoid capsule and torulose. The seeds are many and globose, warty. Fruiting occurs throughout the year. Rootstock is tuberous, exposed. Leaf apex is modified into tendrils and acuminate. Leaf Arrangement is alternate, opposite or whorled. Leaf Type is Simple. The Leaf contour is Oblong-lanceolate.

Gloriosa lily, flame lily, glory lily, climbing lily, fire lily, creeping lily, and cat’s claw or tiger’s claw are the diverse quotidian honorifics. This highly vacillating, deciduous, humid-augmenting tuberous herbage from tropical and southern Africa to temperate and tropical Asia is piled up as a perpetual in forbearing weather conditions and as a humid “bulb” in frigid locales for its dramatic blossoms. It is not a true lily of the family Liliaceae, it thrives naturally in a vast heterogeneity of habitats from jungles to thickets to grasslands and as it happens in sand dunes and other nutrient-lacking soils. Lower doses of ingestion, it is widely encountered as a traditional medicine. Albeit gloriosa lily can be disseminated from kernel, most ornamental plantings are grown from the tuberous rhizomes which can be divided no more frequently than every three years. Both for medicinal and ornamental purposes gloriosa superba export is encouraged worldwide.

Gloriosa superba tubers applied externally, stimulates the medicament of bruises, colic, chronic ulcers, hemorrhoids and cancer. It is lodge poultices to get rid of the neuralgia, and used in topical solicitations to treat arthritic conditions, inflammation of the joints, sprains and dislocations. Gloriosa superba leaves is claimed to have antidotal properties to snakebites.

Coherent Benefits of gloriosa superba:

  • The tubers are utilized as an abortifacient, alterative, anti-arthritic, anti-hemorrhoid, anti-leprotic, antiperiodic, cholagogue, purgative and tonic in Ayurveda medicine.
  • In treatment of ulcers, leprosy, piles, inflammations, abdominal pains, itching, to treat impotence and thirst superba is encountered.
  • Substantially at lesser doses, the tuber is identified to have numerous medicinal applications in Africa.
  • For abdominal disorders, to induce abortions, as a tonic and as a purgative decoction is utilized.
  • Occationally as an emetic to induce vomiting and as a means of removing toxins from the body tubers are encountered.
  • Sap is an integral part in a drink that induces sleep.
  • Steeped tuber is vastly taken against smallpox, leprosy, eczema, itch, and ringworm.
  • Tuber paste is smeared externally to facilitate parturition.
  • Tuber juice is induced as an ear drops to treat earache, and is also put on to the gums to treat teeth ache.

By contrast to the fruits and leaves, anthelmintic properties of the tuber, are vastly notorious and they are all extensively utilized to treat infections of Guinea worms, schistosomes (causing bilharzia), roundworm, tapeworm, liver fluke and filaria. Squashed leaves are spread to the chest to medicate asthma and to the affected areas to an effective treatment for rheumatic arthritis. The burnt herbage and the ash smeared over to the wounds in order to promotes healing. The leaf tip sap is smeared over to treat pimples and skin eruptions directly. Powdered tuber dunked in lukewarm water is ingested to cure gonorrhea. The root powder smearing on the scalp locale kills all the fungus and stimulates the growth of new hair. Gloriosa superb oil associates in the treatment of external abscess.

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