Gymnema Leaves (Gymnema sylvestre)

Gymnema leaves:

Gymnema sylvestre is a medicinal herbage that be owned by the family Asclepiadaceae. The trade name is notorious as Gudmar globally by gymnema leaves exporters. The leaves are exploited at a higher level to make medicine. Gymnema has a long-drawn out history of utilization in India’s Ayurvedic and siddha medicine. The name for “GUDMAR” of gymnema means “destroyer of sugar“. Humanity wields gymnema for diabetes, weight loss, and other conditions, and there exists a good scientific evidence to subsidize these uses. Amplified utilization augments the gymnema leaves suppliers in India.

It is vastly endowed stretching gymnema in the tropics of Africa, Asia and Malaysia. This herbage is found vegetating over in abundance in the jungles of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Bihar. This highly motivates the gymnema leaves exporters in India. Due to its escalating clamour in South East Asian countries, the plant is exported at farther quantum by gymnema leaves exporters in Tamilnadu. Thence, it becomes an endangered genre especially in Tamil Nadu. The gymnema genre occurs in all tropical zones of India and is a quotidian climber plant in central and southern India. As of today, it is widely exploited as medicine for diabetes, metabolic syndrome, weight loss, and cough. It is again a best efficient remedy took for the malaria and as a snake bite antidote, digestive stimulant, laxative, appetite suppressant, and diuretic.

This is one of the climbers copiously manipulated in well-nigh all the Indian routine of medicine as a prophylactic for rheumatism, cough, stomach ulcer and ache in eyes. It is also a utilitarian in inflammations, dyspepsia, constipation, jaundice etc., Roots have been commended as an immediate remedy for snakebite. The residence of mixture of triterpines and saponins in the leaves proclaims the anti-diabetic property of the plant. The gymnemic acids A, B, C and D, which have the gymnemagenin and gymnestrogenins are delegated by the triterpines and saponins.

Owing to the size of folioles, the climbers can be classified into two types by the gymnema leaves suppliers in India. They are:

  • Small leaves type:-Leaves are obovate about 1.0-3.5 cm length and 1.5 –2.5 cm breadth. These are very soft and found in dry regions.
  • Broad and pubescent type:-Leaves are again oviform measures about 3-6 cm in length and 3.5-5.0 cm in width. Leaves are dark green collated to small leaves type and pubescent.

The blossoms transpire in umbellate cyme floruits. The calyx is pubescent, virtually cleaved to the base. Corolla is absolute yellow and the tube is ellipsoidal with thick, ovoid, and recurved lobes. The follicles are heightened upto 7.5 cm and 1 cm width, rigid, lanceolate, and enervated into a beak. Seeds are of 1.3 cm height, ovoid–oblong package, flattened, with a thin, broad, brown, and glabrous marginal wing. Gymnema sylvestre is a gregarious woody coniferous climber, finely branched, scrolling over the tips and tops of tall trees. Juvenile shoots and offshoots are pubescent. The folioles are 3–5 cm height and 3 cm width, ovate-elliptic, acute or shortly acuminate, pubescent on both sides with the base rounded or heart contoured with 6–13 mm long pubescent petioles. Gymnema sylvestre barely knocks out sweet smack while sour, bitter, and salty savours are affected at miniature.

Early postulates clarify that the intake of gymnema over 12 weeks can induce body weight reduction and body mass index (BMI) in some victims who are overweight. Paradoxically taking a concoction of gymnema, hydroxycitric acid, and niacin-bound chromium by mouth can degrade the body weight in people who are overweight or obese.

Sheltered Benefits of Gymnema:

  • Mitigates the sugar cravings by making sweet foods taste less appealing.
  • Pitches in to lower blood sugar levels.
  • Accords to favorable insulin levels by Increasing Insulin Production.
  • Revamps the cholesterol and triglyceride levels, Reducing Heart Disease risk
  • Immunostimulatory as it regulates the immune system assisting reduction of inflammation due to its tannin and saponin content.
  • Escalates weight loss.
  • Acts as a hypoglycaemic, astringent, stomachic, antiperiodic, diuretic, tonic, and refrigerant.
  • Destroyer of glycosuria and neutralizes the excess sugar content in the body.
  • It is also implied to treat other urinary disorders.

Gymnema pops up to have the anti-inflammatory properties of its own. It can be ingested in extract or leaf powder form or tablet or tonic form. The plant may also play a beneficial role in the regeneration of pancreas islet cells — chief action of which can help lower blood sugar. As an annexure, Gymnema may grapple inflammation, ameliorates weight loss and diminishes the “bad” LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

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