Blanched Peanuts (Whole Bold)

Blanched Peanuts:

Blanched Peanuts are employed in variegated forms and diverse places, which include Salted Nuts, Confectionary, Bakery, Sweets, Chocolates, Ice Cream, Etc. We are one of the leading peanuts exporters in India. These products are processed under hygienic conditions to ensure high shelf life.

Product benefits:

Ø  Packed with high quality protein

Ø  Blanched peanuts fit into a plant-based diet

Ø  Great for making nut butter

Ø  High quality

Ø  No shells or skin

Ø  No mess from shells to worry about

Ø  Great value for money

What are blanched peanuts?

Cardinally, to serve that inquiry we have to sow the seeds of a concise description of peanut anatomy. Peanuts are culled with a stubborn outer shell and when the shells are secluded the nuts are high protein snack. When the superficial shell of a peanut is removed there is still a tegument on the sheath of the nut. If you do not peel off the skin from the peanut you get crimson tegumented peanuts. A blanched peanut is the one in which the skin is evicted. The ‘blanching‘ refers to the total technique of expelling the seed coat, or testa from the seed. The teguments are removed from the peanuts by processing them in a conveyer belt machine which is highly cleansed and automatic. Formerly, the teguments have expelled and then dissipated them on paper to dry post the blanching process.

At once they are cool and dry, voila- we have attained blanched peanuts!

The laudable assets of Blanched Peanuts:

Blanched peanuts have purely vague soft consistency and no shells. Blanched peanuts are stupendous for DIY personal roasting, cooking, or baking (they are great for making peanut butter). Relying on what you are using the nuts for, redskin peanuts can be tricky to cook with. The skins often turn very flaky when cooked and you may find yourself constantly having to pick out the skins for semblance purposes. Thence the smooth, clean blanched peanut can be indispensible in the kitchen.

That said, unblanched garden-fresh unprocessed peanuts definitely have their purposes too (unblanched redskin peanuts make for great peanut brittle). The skins annex a hint of flavor and are packed with nutrients that are ordinarily vigorous to get. Unblanched peanuts, in a class of its own have surplus nutrients (the skins pack a ton of hard-to-get nutrients), they are perfect for snacking. The sufficed, nutty flavor of roasted red skin peanuts alone is appetizing even without candy coating. Ultimately, though it comes down to personal predilection in the immemorial debate of blanched in contravention of un-blanched peanuts. Try them both to find out which you prefer. We are the pre-eminent peanuts exporters.

Elucidation of blanched peanuts:

Technically commenting, the blanched peanuts are exclusively un-dried peanuts. Blanched peanuts are still considered raw. The blanching process is not enough to fully cook them, boiling is de rigueur before imbibing of peanuts. Honestly, for your conservation any peanuts labelled as RAW must be cooked prior to consumption. While they look tasty enough to eat straight out of the package, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Don’t worry though, roasting blanched peanuts is easy to do, and there is nothing better than warm peanuts fresh from the oven (Just make sure they are cool enough to eat, as they are so good you want to be able to taste them).

Nutritional assistance of blanched peanuts:

ü  Peanuts are inspected to be a good source of healthy fat, chiefly notable mono and poly unsaturated fats. Blanched peanuts are also higher in protein compared with other oilseeds.

ü  Blanching the peanut improves its color by transforming it to solid white, while also destroying its anti-nutritional factors making them easier to digest.


We preside over the farming and processes involved in the production of blanched peanuts. The gratification of the customers is our quintessential target. So now we are the successful peanut exporter in India. Our Peanuts export from India is utterly done with intensive care till the reach of the product to our customer very safe. Our customers are the pillars of Rich spices and Herbs since 20 years. We are one of the leading peanuts export companies in India.

We extensively offer two types of blanched peanuts. The two types are as follows:

ü  Whole Bold Raw blanched peanuts

ü  Whole Bold Roasted Blanched Peanuts

Our machines use soft, rubber-covered components to process or blanch the fresh peanuts. This generates less waste, requiring less cleansing mechanism and ameliorating process sanitation. Our blanching process, by design, reduces product shrinkage. By decreasing product waste and delivering maximum blanching efficiency, peanut blanching equipment improves profit margins for operations both large and small. We do this process mechanically and automatically in a cleansed environment, retaining the freshness and crisp taste of the peanut.

The Peanuts export from India is undergone with shielded packaging that avoids any travel compensation. Our product will reach you out of harm’s way all around the world.

Rich Spices and Herbs is one of the highly esteemed peanuts suppliers in India. There are quite a few peanuts export companies in India. Albeit, fresh peanuts are within easy reach we are the reputed roasted peanuts suppliers in India and blanched peanuts suppliers. Acquiring domestically grown groundnuts enable us to bring you unpolluted fresh product. Moreover, our peanuts are unsalted, gluten-free and certified Kosher Parve.

                The ultimate source of raw material is the Groundnut Kernal Lugume crops which are rapidly grown in tropical and sub-tropical areas. Currently, India is the enormously emerging producer of Groundnut crops. We undergo captive farming and thus we are the extensive blanched peanuts suppliers and peanuts suppliers in India.