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We are Committed to Natural Beauty, Our Products Reflect It.
Appreciation for Indonesian Nature
In each of our products, we strive to reflect the natural beauty of Indonesia and contribute to environmental conservation.
Organic Foods
One of our main priorities is our commitment to providing high quality organic food products.


growing up amidst the natural wonders of Indonesia

PT. Sunrise Cahaya Abadi is a company committed to
producing and marketing high-quality natural products, with a
primary focus on palm sugar, coconut sugar, spices, tampah
(woodcraft), coffee, and banana leaves. As a company based
in Indonesia, we take pride in Indonesia’s incredible natural
wealth and strive to bring the beauty and quality of nature into
our products.

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To become a leading global producer of Indonesian natural products, maintaining environmental sustainability, and providing benefits to the local community.


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Type: Palm sugar and coconut sugar
100% Organic
Moisture Content: 2%
Mesh: Coconut 16 & Palm 18
Place of origin: Indonesia


Varieties: Cinnamon, Cloves, Pepper, and more
Packaging: Convenient packaging for culinary use
Place of origin: Indonesia


Materials: Bamboo or Woven materials
Shapes and Sizes: Various options
Handcrafted: Skilled craftsmanship
Place of origin: Indonesia


Types: Hand-carved items, Furniture, Household furnishings
Designs: Unique and artistic
Place of origin: Indonesia


Varieties: Arabica and Robusta
Roast Levels: Various options
Packaging: Customizable packaging sizes
Place of origin: Indonesia


Banana leaves measuring 1 meter which are directly picked from the banana tree can be used to wrap food so that the food smells like Indonesian banana leaves.

A fresh, natural flavor that comes from the garden

making every bite a delightful journey through nature’s own bounty.

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